DraftKings Examine App

Super Fantasy

Très complet pour sports variés

Its lit

Its LIT.


Great app that updates scores quick



Excellente application

Excellent !

Great app

Its a great app!


Súper awesome

Love it

Love it


They made depositing so easy but when you try to withdraw your money it is such a hassle and they throw random policy’s out you to get you to stop the withdrawal process out of aggravation. I would not even recommend this app to my worst enemy

false advertising

saw a commercial for a $40k freeroll, registered for the first time ever and it automatically applied a different promotion. if you’re gonna spend money on a world cup tv ad, don’t lie, or leave a bitter taste in my fiancée and my mouth and we will use a competitor app if we ever want to spend money after being duped by your commercial!

Stop with the ads

DraftKings are really messing up a winning formula with their ad placements. May be time to jump ship.

NBA Lineups!

How are changes not allowed 4 hours before game time???!!! It’s done with other sports but not NBA. It’s bad enough the lineups aren’t announced until game time. Help us out and let us swap before a game starts!

Junk mail

Do not give them your email address. I have unsubscribe who knows how many times along with countless emails complaining about how much the spam me but still my email is flooded with nothing but draft kings emails. I am beyond annoyed.


Played and won, but didn’t think it was that entertaining. Decided to withdraw funds, however app conveniently crashes every time I to setup withdrawal. Don’t mess with this.


They don’t inform you if a player is out of the line up and you are wasting your budget. Seems like it could be an easy fix, but by not informing players, there is a better show you lose and DK gets your money

Love it!

Easy to learn, great fun while sitting around at home.

Good but there’s room for improvement

Pros - Overall functionality of the app - Different contest options that are available and the format of those options. Cons - When searching for contests if filters are applied, clicking on another tab and then going back to the lobby shouldn’t reset the search filters that were applied. You have to start from scratch every time and it’s a hassle. The following are specific to soccer contests: - Points for GK should be awarded similar to how DEF points are awarded in NFL contests. From the very beginning of the game the GK should have the points as if they had a clean sheet & won. - During live contests, on the individual score screen instead of saying “Flex” it should say “GK/D/M/F”. - During live contests, on the matchup screen both the players jersey number and point projection should be shown, similar to how they’re shown on the individual score screen. Their position “GK/D/M/F” should also be shown.

Constant freezing and can’t connect to WiFi

Have an iPhone X and it’s the only app on my phone that has consistent freezing and can’t connect to WiFi OR data no matter where I am. What’s the deal?


The customer service here is terrible! They restrict your account whenever they feel like it and will not give it back even with verification. This has happened multiple times to me over the last few months.

Too much fun

I’ve lost more then I’ve won, but still have a blast watching the points change, keeps me on the edge of my seat, love it.



Top heavy payoff

I love this App except one thing . It’s to top heavy and pays off to many people . Spread out the money more . Just a suggestion.

Draft Kings

What a great experience! Super star fun & I'm a part of it! It pays and that’s no BS!

Rip off

Yahoo way better


This app simply just stinks. It crashes all the time, especially right before a contest when everyone is trying to get on and adjust line ups. It never updates your account total quickly. It gives false info on people in contests and if you’ve joined. And when you bring it to their customer service attention, or can’t enter a line up because it keeps crashing, they will not refund you and tell you it’s your iPad and equipments fault. They’ve even told me to just use a PC instead of the app to solve my problems, what a solution! I’ve updated my iPad, the app, deleted the app and even re downloaded, yet nothing ever seems to help. So many bugs for an app so many people use each day and they definitely have the money to fix it, yet just don’t. Pretty sad to see a company that’s takes so much money from people give absolutely 0 effort back. This app alone pushed me over to FanDuel, and I couldn’t be happier with the switch. Never spending another dime at DK!

I’m tired of this app.

It continues to go blank or freezes up and makes you miss your reserved entries so you wind up losing money

Won’t open

Still Won’t Open! Again still won’t open!

Great for baseball

I would like more games to play everyday in the showdown mode.


App only loads 10% of the time. A lot of bugs!!


Need update won’t allow you open the app keep getting blank screen


This is my first time installing the app. Every time I launch the app all I see is a black screen or it crashes after the title screen. Once this is fixed and I try the app out then I’ll give you guys a new review. Thanks.


Done with this garbage. Game gets postponed but you can’t edit your lineup to have active players in later games for your team. If a game never starts, how can a player be locked in a lineup. Ridiculous. It’s theft.

Early May update fixes current state when multitasking

Much better. Now while editing a lineup you can actually multitask to other apps and come back to the draftkings app where you left off without worrying about it starting up fresh.


New update makes the app not open for the last few days. Please fix


The new update cuases it to crash when it opens, so it takes me 6-7 tries to get the app even open.


Score randomly drops even when the game is not playing. Dropped 15 points during halftime... waste of time

Great Drivers! NAS

Great way to celebrate you’re drivers and knowledge of them! Love Draft King! Love, Love, NAS!!!!


Im fairly new to Draft Kings, only been participating for about a month. The first 3 weeks the app worked fine, however now every time I open it the logo appears, followed by 3 or 4 seconds of nothing before crashing. Please fix this.

New update crashes

Latest update is not allowing site to be accessed with any consistency. Please fix bug.

New update doesn’t work on iPhone X

Just get a black screen

Sad face

Won’t let me open app on my iPhone

App does not load after last update

As stated in title app is having loading issues. Cmon, trying trying to get on some pga action.

Deleted app

App needs update again. The newest update blacks out the app, just keep getting a black screen when launching the app. Iphone x

Does Not Load iPhone X

Stays stuck on log in screen after inputting login and password.

Customer Support

Horrible. Email links do not fix the issue. Notify support and get another email link to resolve your issue. Moving to Fanduel.

Best dfs app in the market!!

The versatility of the sports u can play is unmatched, best format, and one of the best contests in all of dfs websites


Found a hobby that allows me to use some analytical skills and on good days make a little pocket change! I enjoy watching NBA and NFL games, so after an hour or so of studying the comparisons and trends I make a $3 or $5 dollar wager. Then kick back and watch the games. For me, it scratches that gambling itch and at a tremendously less investment.

Lineup lock

The lineup change option used to be the difference between DK and all the other sites. Now that you lock in the lineup after submitting it’s worthless.

Lots of fun!

Great game within the game!

Hungry for money

If you want to have something to look forward too, and your fantasy season is done you have draft kings too look forward too pick a fantasy lineup and maybe you will win a little cash.

Crashes when Bluetooth is on.

See above

No major problems; small issue

When you’re searching for a contest in,”Night mode” the letters do not show up. Besides this the app has worked flawless with me with no issues. A small think that also bothers me though is how the money gets to you by way of withdrawal. It comes in small amounts, at least it did when I asked for a check, and possibly when you put into your bank account. Not sure if this can even be fixed but definitely something to bring up. Good app overall and good service from Draft Kings overall as the customer service is superb.

Be Careful

Promotions are often very misleading. They have deleted lineups that I have submitted and not refunded me the amounts. If you don’t keep track of your lineups they can be deleted. I submitted a lineup in a soccer league last week. Screen shotted a picture of my lineup (when it was under the submitted tab) for easy access later. And when it did much better than expected I went to the app to check my standing and my lineup was nowhere to be found (live or recent). Also my friends who I invited through promotions were required to put their own money in to receive the draft kings bucks. And once they submitted their money they were unable to use the promotion. Very scummy. 10/10 WOULD RECOMEND ANY OTHER SIMILAR APPS

Terrible (GO TO FANDUEL)

Worst customer service EVER. Allegedly they fix almost everything with fake accounts that have the players with the highest points to win the biggest prices back to themselves. So towards the end of the game allegedly they fix accounts up with the studs to make it seem like a random person just so happened to pick a “LUCKY” lineup to win 100,000 while they pay all of the real players pennies. F*** YOU! THIEVES

crash crash crash

nothing but crashing lately, cant even see the home screen for a few seconds without crashing. oh and have i mentioned it crashes???

Watch yourself

Be careful out there this is a dangerous place I’ve seen a lot of families ripped apart because of this style of gambling, I always see families ripped apart because there is always and I say always someone better than them.

Late swap

I’m giving u guys a 1 star because of the late swap not added. I’m losing a lot of money because of it

Network Error on “Home” tab

Seems to be a decent app, but there is consistently a “ Network Error” message on “Home” tab. Error occurs despite excellent connection to WiFi/data source. Location access setting is “enabled while using the app”, so it is not that...

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