DraftKings Examine App

Super Fantasy

Très complet pour sports variés

Its lit

Its LIT.


Great app that updates scores quick



Excellente application

Excellent !

Great app

Its a great app!


Súper awesome

Love it

Love it

Love/Hate Relationship

I love DraftKings and play every day the only thing I hate is that I never win and basically just give money away daily.


I feel like draft kings is rigged. Every time I’m close to winning I end up losing. I haven’t won in weeks. Your gonna tell me that the people that finish above knew certain people were gonna be on fire. I will not be depositing anymore money into draft kings.


Why are ads playing in the background when I open my contest. Thank god I didn’t check it somewhere quiet. This app is not good like it used to be. I’ll give them a week to fix the ads... then I’m out

Customer support

Terrible! Will take forever to solve the tiniest issue

Something shady happening

No issues with customer service in regards to changing an email account (prior email deactivated over a year ago). I went through their security hoops; verifying my name, billing info, and updated email address. I’ve never won more than $5 but have given them $hundreds. It’s entertainment but no longer because now they have suspended my predominate email account, which I didn’t even know existed because I was told the updated email can’t take effect until certain info is provided, which it now has been. If I had to guess DraftKings is probably a Russian or Chinese organization laundering money and by “suspending accounts or stating ridiculous accusations of having two accounts” I will never recommend or use this App again. It’s complete FRAUD!

Poor system

Poor system. I reserved a spot and paid to join a private league with no intention of playing anyone on Thursday night. Because of the false appearance that reserving allowed me to join without submitting a roster immediately, I can’t submit a roster that I would have otherwise been able to change until game time had I picked all non-Thursday players as was my intent anyway. No thanks, won’t be losing money to this app again.

Scoring updates

Shady scoring updating for games. Had a game started 1pm never updated until 10 hours later. Showed winning then lost after your shady 10 hour scoring update. This site is strictly for the sharks who place 100’s of entries and gives a common user no chance.

Account restricted

For some reason DraftKings blocked and or restricted my account. Horrible customer service and I will just take my business else where. Thanks!!

Broken waste of money

DraftKings points and scoring has been broken for over 8 weeks now they say weekly that it’s going to be fixed in a week and nothing. Don’t bother with a league unless you plan to score on paper because so far this football season and some nascar no scores have updated. Worst support ever from any company that says one thing and does another. DraftKings is happy to take my money for an app that does not work as advertised.


This app is good in my opinion its one of the best fantasy games ever

Couldn’t be happier!

I have only been playing since last Monday but I love how your show down captain mode is and how the NFL tears mode is I can’t wait to start playing the basketball in the NBA tomorrow I hope I can keep up the good wins! And I think it’s cool how are you have a free Monday night WWE 2K show down that’s pretty cool for your customer has a $25,000 tournament for free!! Keep up the good work Draft Kings!

Scores are wrong tonight

Scoring is wrong on the first packers td tonight, fix it, now!

Really bad

You don’t even know how to do this idiot!

Fun but tough

Fun to have the chance to win but hard if you don’t play multiple lineups.


DK is a simple way to play fantasy football against others and not having to worry about a season long league

Account getting restricted for no reason, DraftKings ignorance for a customer

For what ever reason that doesn’t make any sense why my Acct would be restricted has cut me off from using my ability to play in contest , I’ve never had any reason to get my acct restricted and would like this handle ASAP bc I was expecting to join a contest and depending on how quickly this gets resolved will determine if I never use this app again and only use Fanduel which I’ve heard has a lot better contest to offer. I need an honest answer to why in the hell my acct has been blocked bc with the contest I was trying to play I know based on the players I had it would have put me in for a good shot at doing well in the contest. There is gonna need to be some sort of compensation for this issue with your app because of the years I’ve used this app never had issues and now all of sudden having issues at a critical time. How this issue is handled thru this company will determine how vigorous and aggressive I’ll promote people to never use draft kings again and use fanduel and other competitors to your type of app If this review could allow me to do NO Stars I would do it without a doubt

Good game bad app

Very inconsistent. It will randomly not let me play in contests for no reason at all.

Use FanDuel instead

They locked my account because I tried logging in from AL while I was out there working for a week. Tried to have my brother login and complete my lineup for me once I realized AL doesn’t allow gambling. They locked my account and I have been trying to get it unlocked for 3 weeks now and still locked. Can’t make line ups and can’t withdraw my money. I’ve tried multiple times to have them unlock it stating I’m back in Texas and they still have not unlocked it. I’ve moved to FanDuel and can’t move my money over.

Worst customer service in the world (scam)

Draft kings locked my account , I contacted them a bunch of times (emails/ live chat) Live chat does not work , they don’t care if you “your problem is solved “ oh and they false advertise. Don’t take my word for it , you will see

No customer service

Sent numerous emails about their promotion. The are marketing that they will match up to $200 your original bet however they did not and will now not respond ??? Is this a scam?

“oops somethings wrong”

Cant seem to make it past trying to sign up. “Oops somethings wrong” means delete app...maybe next year Ill give it a shot.

Don’t Bother

So I downloaded this app just to see how it was, seeing as I had received an email about it. Well when the game started I was actually winning money, then about a minute later I basically lost all of it. FanDuel is way better, and I actually have won there. If I could I would give this app zero stars, it’s ridiculous. I looked at a guys lineup and we had basically the same thing, yet he was in the top 10, how.

Constant spam

Don’t join. App keeps pushing notification even once silenced. Website keeps sending emails even when unsubscribed. They added this terrible feature where anyone can ‘invite’ you to their contest and the result is non stop spam from sharks trying to get people into their leagues. Use the FanDuel app, much better experience. Also, DraftKings support doesn’t respond to you and there is no easy way to leave a contest (like if you accidentally enter twice).

Fan duel better

Randomly put restrictions on my account—makes sense for security and other people aren’t getting on I guess...do not respond. Customer service terrible. I have money tied into app I can’t get now


Rigged who would put scrub TE on double point spot and wow take first place something’s up

No withdrawing from a contest

Watch app is useless doesn’t work. It says to log into the phone app when I’m already logged in. It will not sync with the phone.


I won $10.00 and they never deposited it to my account. I sent several messages and nothing. It was fun while it lasted but don't bother.


It’s a scam! They will not pay you for your winnings. I qualified for a share of $4500.00 and they never paid me even after I contacted them several times. Play only the free games or they will take your money!

Private league

I wish there was option in private leagues, that if the contest does not fill up Draft Kings would adjust the size at the start of the contest, not just kick us out. We all have a blast when it fills up. Thanks. Had a problem depositing money today. Haven’t had to deposit in a couple of years. Good problem to have, but I only play small amounts. It’s for fun only. Anyway Alex L on the chat box was awesome and was able to fix the problem. Thanks again Alex L.

Can’t use Apple Watch app

I can use the iPhone app fine but app just displays “Please login to DraftKings on your phone” Ok I am logged in, Tried reinstall iPhone app and watch app, restarted etc. 10/2/2018 UPDATE from DraftKings Support Will D (DraftKings) Oct 2, 5:31 PM EDT Hey Mike, Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand the frustration, but as of right now our App is not compatible with the Apple Watch. We hope to have something compatible in the future and we will let our users know when it's available. If you have any other questions please reach back out to us. Best, Will D Customer Experience Associate DraftKings Inc.

Not built for husband and wife accounts.

This app is a joke. If you have a wife that’s a fantasy football player and likes to bet on fantasy football.......then this app is not for you. She has gone through 10 hours of hell trying to get her own account set up and is still having issues. The zen desk help center is a joke. It won’t even recognize my profile and password so I can send them a message. Fanduel is looking better every time this app crashes, or fails to recognize my profile information.... BEWARE

Doesn’t give money

Doesn’t give me my money when it’s supposed to I got 30 dollars from one game and 3.60 from another!

Terrible Customer Support

I don’t need to leave a long drawn out review. I’ve contacted support 6 times in 5 days and have attempted to “escalate to a team lead” twice but have received 0 response and as a result have been unable to play in over a dozen contests I was hoping to participate in. It’s kind of ridiculous how unresponsive their support team has been.

Good betting app, terrible customer service

Wrote customer service for 3 weeks with no response. Withdrew my deposits and switched to fan duel. Never will use this app again

Goes well with sports

Really fun for all levels, doesn't cost a fortune either.

Scoring out of control

200 points didn’t win any money !!! Being able to win anything has gotten Ridiculous

The Best!

Awesome trustworthy company that gives tremendous value back to the players.


I’ve tried two different cards two times each and app freezes when I click to deposit funds!!! App support is non existent.

Horrible customer services

Have been writing their customer service for 3 days and no response to anything! Want to cancel account and refund my deposit but account is locked now. Once they get your deposit it is impossible to withdraw. There are better sites with customer service that will actually reply.

I enjoy the app but..

I’ve had the DraftKings app for over a year and haven’t had any problems. However, I recently got an Apple Watch and was happy to know the DraftKings app would work on it, or so I thought. Every time I try to log into the app on my watch it says “ Please login to DK on your phone” which I was. I emailed DK about the problem and haven’t heard back, it’s been a week. Usually they are good about replying to emails. Anyway that’s my only real issue with the DK app.

Terrible customer support; very predatory product and hard to use

I’ve had this app for 2 weeks; I made a deposit and used a promo code but the fine print seemed strange (it was- they would match up to $250 but only if that amount was my very first bet. If I wanted to learn how it worked first with a small bet that’s all that would be matched. I wrote to ask about that and they did respond a week later. Next - I tried to join contests and it kept saying- your account is restricted- “contact customer support.” So I messaged on the app several times over the next few weeks to ask wat to do. I went on the website, submitted my drivers license and proof of residency, googled about it on Reddit. And what I learned is they are way too swamped and completely disorganized and unable to actually help anyone. Now i can’t even get my deposit credited back to me and have never been able to even enter a contest. I will be contesting the charge on my credit card soon - AVOID!!

Subpar application

Terrible customer service. Have an open request to talk to customer service and they haven’t responded in 3 weeks and I have a hold on my account. I can’t even pull MY money from my account.


Played for 2 weeks after depositing $25. In 2 weeks my bets totaled $3. I won a $10 Captain Showdown. Never received $$. Called Customer Service. It’s a # with “Voicemail Full.” Cashed out $22. Scam.

This app is fraud

This app and Corp is fraud. The app should not be available for downloads or bets to other states. I’m in Colorado I set up an account with them they charge to my credit card I started to win even though it wasn’t much I have not been able to place bets in weeks it takes many days for them to respond by email they do not have a phone number for customer support and I just received an email after three weeks of attempting to figure this out that since I am not in the state of New Jersey I cannot participate in betting however I have full access to my fantasy team that is not what I paid for up for.

Love it..

I been on DraftKings for about 5 years and love it. I lose more then I win but it’s fun playing against the best Dk players in the world. Because there is so many things that happen every day with many players of the game. You never know you could be Dk next millionaire... Anyone can dream..

Draftkings scaming people

I had $33.15 in my account and I withdrew it , but I never got my money on my card or paypal. Idk if our money is getting stolen. i sent a email to them they never got back with me .

Love it but..

Love this app but hate the fact that my account is restricted.. i made this account a week ago. I played one week in the NFL games and after that i can’t seem to play more games. I’ve deposited $25 and now my account is stuck at $22. It keeps saying account restricted please help me solve this. Other than that great app.


Best one out there

Support center

They don’t get back to you even a week after you have left a message. You are told to upload documents to their site but it just kicks you out every time you try.

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