DraftKings Examine App

Super Fantasy

Très complet pour sports variés

Its lit

Its LIT.


Great app that updates scores quick



Excellente application

Excellent !

Great app

Its a great app!


Súper awesome

Love it

Love it

Don’t waste your money

2 examples of why not to spend your money here. First, 10 minutes after the Patriots Vs Jaguars game had ended I suddenly lost 6,000 + positions in the tourney I was in. No teams were playing at the time so not points could have been won or lost by anyone. Second, one of my entries is steadily climbing the leaderboard and doing well then my QB threw a touchdown. I thought “here we go” and went to check my position and I somehow dropped 12,000 spots. That is just today. I have noticed a hundred other instances of suspicious situations. It could be a highly successful legit business but like all other businesses in this country they are greedy and can't be happy with that success so they have to rig their leagues so they don't payout any money. One last thing, just check out the “winning” entries in the big money tourneys. If people are really picking some of those lineups they have to be psychic or it’s a scam.


I just downloaded this app because I saw that it has the MMA section. After I downloaded I went to the I didn’t see lobby area on the app and there is no MMA/UFC section. Very disappointed.


No problems making money

Give it a chance

I was just like everyone else, I ain’t got time for that. Now my Monday and Friday nights have become entertained thanks to Draft Kings and the NBA

Thank You!!

You Guys Are On Point!!!!

Fun Fun Fun

Fun for those long weeks and stressful lives. Being able to play and have fun watching sports is a must for those who can’t get enough!!

The contests!

I basically have to use my pc to wager, your site could improve!!

Best Hobby I have.

I absolutely love DK. I listen to the podcasts don’t always win but I always play. Makes Sunday’s that much better. Like NBA too!

You will win on DK

I find DKLive very informative. It really helped someone like myself who had little sports knowledge become much more knowledgeable. I’m having fun and making winning some money here and there.

System changes needed

I like DK, I really do. I the “idea” of investing a few dollars to possibly win thousands is a really fun thought, especially for a common joe like myself. However, my absolute biggest problem with DK is with their NBA set ups. Not being able to switch out a player that has been scratched from a game lineup ESPECIALLY when the game they are in has yet to start is INCREDIBLY frustrating. It’s possible to do in a NFL lineup, so why it’s so difficult to do with the NBA is foreign to me. I have mentioned it to DK and all they say is, “Play the late swap contests,” which is a garbage response. DK makes crazy money, I know they have the resources to make this happen.




It’s good

Reminds me of Android in 2012

This is app needs dramatic improvements. Slow responsiveness & lockouts on a consistent basis.

Fantasy Heaven

It’s awesome to get to pick new players everyday, to always check on new players and see who you think can get you the most points ffrom the cheapest players is a thrill

From Jim Greenwald Maury 24

This is a lot of clean honest fun. Kinda like Bingo spend what u want. Thanks Draft Kings!

Cheap entertainment!

Haven't had much luck maybe broke even but still fun app!

Late Swap

I enjoy the competition. I just wish the late swap for NBA had bigger prizes. Right now, it’s not worth playing and I despise players being locked in at the start of the first game.


Excellent game within the game.


Love it


I been playing for 5 years and have not won anything over 1,000 sad sad sad


Love DraftKings, user friendly, quick payouts, lots of player information. Makes every sport you follow just that much more enjoyable.


Love the mission aspect and the fact that you can just go and purchase contest tickets on DK! Also, excited about the new one game offer on NFL contests where you can select Defensive players! However, it’s common for FanDuel to have better top prize payouts and usually their contests cost less than those on Draft Kings! Also, I prefer to select a Kicker on NFL games and that’s not the case on DK! Paid outs have also came quicker in the mail on FanDuel! DK is awesome but I’m more of a Duel kinda guy for many of the reasons stated above!


Great format, responsive customer service, and a challenging game


It’s lit

Sounds great

I’m just not much a believer ,,, I think everything is rigged. I mean EVERYTHING! From Casinos to our government to the dang Claw games when you leave a restaurant ( where u win a teddy bear) . I really think anyone who does win,, has some family, friends or connections or a crap ton of money,, that they get from “ hopers “ and “ dreamers” like 99 percent of all us regular people .., maybe I’m wrong. So, I tried. Let’s see. Regardless the people who invented this are INCREDIBLE intelligent and deserve every dollar they soak out of our poor a$$es! Lbvs! ❤️

I like !

I think it’s awesome

DFS excellence

DraftKings you keep setting the standard of excellence in DFS. Keep striving to be the most creativity and innovation!


I like playing draftkings but I think the pricing for many players is just too high. I have been playing more on Fan Duel because they have better pricing and you can create a better lineup.


This app is easy to use and it's fun. You don't have to spend a lot of $, but if you choose to you can. They have different contests for beginners to guys/gals that really know their players. Overall very fun!


It doesn’t matter how good you do it seems someone or something (DK Computer) suddenly comes up with all the best players that week NFW not buying it absolute scam.

Pure Genius

Always a good time playing Draft Kings

Great Way To Have Fun Playing FB

I love it! Plus I have a chance to win some money to play another game

Love draft kings

Excellent site payouts are very prompt!


It happens way too often that I check my line up 5 minutes before the contest starts to make sure everyone is playing (primarily basketball) just to find out that he is out for the game and you can’t change to a different player even if that game hasn’t started yet. To hell with these greedy mofos

Keep up the good work

I Really enjoy fantasy football especially when I win

Play to win

Great game to play make sure your ready to keep 300

Super easy

Very user friendly interface. Great for both amateurs and experts. Recommend to anyone looking to add a little spice to watching sports.

Leagues Need Tweeking

The best daily fantasy app available. I love it. The new league setups need work though. Creating contest within the league require a predetermined number of players and if 1 person doesn’t join the contest the contest won’t count. There should be “unlimited” option where as long as 2 or more join it’ll count. Also, as a league commissioner I should be able to edit the contest before it starts (aka number of ppl allowed to play).

DraftKings is not working

I have had this app for two years never had a problem till today, won’t load at all and can’t connect via app. Deleted app and reinstalled and when I go to log in , it does not process through the next step. Horrible app because it does not work anymore.


I only like playing fantasy golf. Sorry, I do not like playing fantasy football. I like betting football straight up. I am old school. Thanks Tim


Love DraftKings. Nothing more to say!!

Best DFS app!

Amazing update! Guess I'll have to play more NBA now!


Need higher salary if you offer a flex option or utility player! You really have a hard time creating a solid lineup


NBA needs late swap

Love It

It makes football so much more exciting!!

Like the site except *****

I think there’s some funny business going on with who wins. Watch YouTube and it’s loaded with people who have found cheating to be a fact—-


Can’t change nba line up even hours before game👎🏻..ok in that case why not give the percentage of players taken?? Also like to know why I can’t send a message to”support messages center”?


I love this site


I actually track my the scores all night. The APP will freeze up and then some how someone picked a perfect team


I just want to win 🤩🤩

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