DraftKings 应用的评论


terrible customer service

i live in nys and i can’t use the app because i have an account restriction. the only way to contact dk is through email and good luck getting a reply. terrible.

Support is terrible!!!!

I wrote the support staff on Aug 29th and rewrote them again on the 5th of September and as of today (September 18th) I’ve yet to hear back from DraftKings. Love the gameplay but poor customer service will drive me somewhere else.

Draft kings is the sh**!!!

Started playing for fun... Won 1500$ first day in and enjoying the ability to not only have a chance at real winnings but also it’s added a little enjoyment back to watching sports..

Rip Off

I deposited my money, participated in 3 events, my account has been deactivated and cannot withdrawal my money. I have left multiple messages for the support center and I never get any response. I can’t enter events and can’t get my money out! Rip Off!

Great place to play fantasy football

Overall love the app and love how you can win money with generating your own lineup via cap space. Makes you feel like a GM I’m away.

Worst. Company. Ever

I have never met a company that made it so difficult to give my money to!! My husband has an account already. I wanted to start playing too so he downloaded the app on my phone but used his bank card when adding money. Apparently that’s an issue with DK. Fine, fine sorry I’ll use mine. After being on chat forever about that we thought the issue was resolved and I would be able to start drafting. Come Sunday, my account was STILL locked down. I messaged them asking why?!? I deposited $25 from my bank card and verified my account already. No one got back to me. Tonight...Monday... more of the same. People on chat asking for my ID and my husbands. Getting the run around... we uploaded documentation . Did everything they asked. Waited for at least an hour or more to even talk to anyone. Such a hassle!!! Why can I walk into a casino and blow my money with 0 of these issues!!! ??? I get it you have rules but seriously?! When I can’t get support or immediate resolve after I fix the issue the problem lies within YOUR company. Going to Fanduel right now.

I’ve been waiting two weeks for customer service

I had an issue with my account and have been emailing their customer service for over two weeks. I have yet to hear anything from them. They took my money, but won’t help with my issue.

Withdraw Issue

I requested a withdrawal over a day ago for $15. Such a small request shouldn’t take long. I am disappointed.

Worst customer service ever

Contacted 3 times with no response. I was looking for a alternative to fan duel but after today I am leaning toward canceling my account. They didn’t even respond that they received my message and would get back to me. Just awful customer service.

Won’t work

Can’t even create an account without an error message. Deleted the app.

Terrible Customer Service

They locked my account without reason and sent several messages and got zero response. I also messaged them about another concern a week prior and still no response. I can’t even withdrawal my money

Your new updates are horrible

I love Draft Kings but lately this whole new update doesn’t even work. I keep having to force close and nothing even show up in whatever leagues I’m in. So I’m constantly having to check their actual website to see my progress.

Don’t waste your money

On sundays the site is constantly having connectivity issues ..

Ease of use

This is a great app for both beginners and advanced users

Switch to FanDuel

After 4 long years of doing business with DraftKings I have finally decided to uninstall it and part ways, I will be switching over to fanduel which I find is easier, and the communication is so much better

Awesome game

I just started Draft Kings and I am hooked. I have put in $50 the first week and won $200. Not bad for this rookie.

Terrible experience

Deposited money and it won’t let me do enter any contest “user permissions”. Submitted support request and got nothing.

Don’t try to get ahold of them they won’t respond!!!!!!

Worst customer service ever messaged them 4 days ago cuz my account was restricted for no reason still no reply

No Customer Service

Their customer service is non-existent. And they’re awful at resolving issues and honoring their promotional offers. If you’re new and want a level playing field and quality customer service, play on fanball or FantasyDraft. They’re way better options.

Very annoyed

I downloaded the app, created an account, deposited $10, and it won’t let me enter any contests. I’ve emailed the support center on two separate occasions and still no response. At this point I just want my $10 back and I’ll take my business to Fanduel.

Customer Service Non-Existent

Account locked, tried to get it resolved via chat on a Sunday, was over 100 people in cue ahead of me. Sent a message with my issue, it’s been 4 days with no response. I hope this company at some point realizes customer support is as important as a quality product, right now, they just don’t get it.


Easy to use & exciting

Account restrictions(no response from staff)

Hello I am writing this review due to the horrible customer service from this app. I had to make a new account because I could not remember the one I made years ago. And due to this issue, my new account got a restriction. I have emailed the support staff twice and haven’t got a single response. I can’t play in any of the NFL contest due to this. Can someone please get back to me and on how I can get back to playing. Otherwise I will be going to yahoo to do my contest from now on. Just don’t understand how I can get a Email from the staff about my account being credited but not respond to how I can get my account off restriction.


Won $20 for a top 3 finish and the funds never got added to my account. Have sent 3 emails to support asking for help and haven’t had a return reply in a week.


I got started the day of the MLB Allstar game they were giving a free draft and I have been Hooked since !!! It makes you really appreciate Sports to the fullest!! It makes sports fun in all aspects!! Homeruns and touchdowns are Way Way more exciting !!!!!

Customer service/ no response

I deposited money and played for a few days. Yesterday I actually won ( just a little). So I go in today and try and put in a lineup and it won’t let me. It says I’m restricted from playing. I’ve emailed them 4 times. I got one response that told me it was because a game was cancelled. So I went back and tried without anyone from that game, still restricted. I tried to withdrawal since I couldn’t play, won’t let me. So it’s ok to deposit money and play till you win, then they want to lock you. So 1 star for the app and customer service.


Okay so I just got this and it just crashes and never works but when it works it’s ok

Money in account gone stolen

I have left 3 messages about the money in my account disappearing. No replies and no cash. No very happy with them. At this point I won’t recommend them to anyone.

Be careful with draft kings

I cashed out a check and they never sent it and they took the money from my account so now I can’t even play. and on the free games as previously mentioned they don’t pay out it’s a scam. still waiting on my share of that $1 million draft kings.


This app is dope dog🔥🔥

No Support team

If you message the support team you will NoT hear back from them. I’m trying to fix where I can play and no help. I have money in my account but can’t get on any games ridiculous.

No one gets back to me

I’m having a problem and I’ve emailed 10 times and not one single response!!

Great app

Great app

Better than Fanduel

The tiers contests are perfect for the amateur player like myself I don’t spend all week watching ESPN to know everything that’s going on but I still enjoy playing so the tiers are right up my alley, even won a few bucks on my first contest, not much but still ended the day with more money than I put in

App crashes every time I open it

Hello. First of all, I’d like to say that DraftKings is awesome. There is a reason why you guys are #1 in daily fantasy. Recently I’ve had issues that when I open the app it crashes every single time. I would close the app, open it and it would crash again. This is the only reason why I gave you a 1 Star review. Once this issue gets fixed I will be sure to give you 5 stars. Please fix this because I’m missing out on my daily fantasy obsession. Thanks

Hmm where to start

So I’d have a lineup that’s losing and I’d keep an eye on it, after the game no changes to final score. But I’ve been winning in the couple hundreds and even after the games were done my score dropped. Was told it’s “number adjustments to the real score” also I used my do points to buy a $10 ticket, worked well enough. So I bought another last night for the football games today, still don’t have it. In fact, the bets I had in that were cash were returned to me as well.


How is your app down the first weekend of the football season? Wow. Very unimpressed

You make it very difficult.

I had a restriction because my fiancé and I tried to make accounts using the same debit card. That was fine, I was just going to try to change my payment option. Well, tell me WHERE. There’s nowhere on the app that gives me the option to make changes. We messaged someone and they still haven’t gotten back to us. This is a joke. We moved to fanduel and it’s MUCH more user friendly. What’s the point of this if I can’t change my account settings on the app?! I couldn’t even play a free contest! Ridiculous.

Great App

Love this app!!

Horrible customer support

Been waiting several days for a response from customer support and still nothing. Was supposed to receive a free $10 ticket for entering multiple certain contests and never did, disappointing.

Most Frustrating Verification process ever

I joined DraftKings to play in a weekly fantasy football league with a group of friends from work. Upon joining the number of problems I encountered trying to “verify” my account are too numerous to list. Primarily the software used to verify continually did not work, nor did their option to “scan” my ID. I then went to additional lengths to upload pictures of my drivers license (which is an option they ask for). I was notified several days later that they also needed a utility bill. In the interim, I decided to forgo that account (as there was no option to delete it) and opened another. With no trouble at all I was verified and able to deposit funds. Problem solved right? Wrong! Even after entering a contest with my friends, I was notified they were deleting/restricting my validated account and forcing me to utilize the account I could not get verified. They stated they refunded my deposit and removed me from my friends contest (which if any of you have played these types of leagues with friends you know how challenging it can be to fill a slot last minute) in this case an hour before the 1pm games. Now, I’m stuck with an account I cannot use with no end in sight. My advice? Save yourself a ton of frustration and just use FanDuel or whatever other daily fantasy site you may prefer. This does not seem to be worth it.


Wouldn’t recommend to anybody, plethora of problems stemming from the inside, don’t waste your time or money.

Can’t sign up

It wouldn’t let me enter a street address and wouldn’t let me submit, because there was no street address. Too much work to have fun. No thanks.

Try to reset pass word

F you you Never sent one

Good luck you’ll need it

Unable to get any one from customer service to respond to the issues I’m having with my account. There’s nobody responding to my emails and there’s no number to call.

Had to use my computer to enter identity. Bad bug

Was entering my first lineup of the year and went to confirm and pay my dues to a tournament, but when it asked me to confirm my identity, it kicked me back to my lineup. As soon as I type my first character on the address field (google address search box) it kicks me back and I can’t get past that screen. I have an iPhone X iOS 11.4.1. Also a great time to add a feature to allow a roster to be saved without having your identity entered because I had to re-enter my lineup a couple times trying to do the identity stuff. Just did it on my laptop eventually but I figured hopefully you guys could fix the bug


UFC where’s it at?

Complete crap

I only downloaded this app for mma and it doesn’t even have a option for fantasy mma. I had to pay $25 to start and now can’t even use it for what I wanted. I want my money back draft King. False advertisement!!!


I made one bet without knowing anything about football and now I’m a millionaire!

Did not receive my free ticket as advertised


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