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Love draft Kings!

It’s a 50 50 game

So I hate the site?? Not at all. But it needs work. I can’t count how many times the players I selected didn’t play. With no sort of notice. Cause if they don’t play you don’t win. I get it. But come on !! That’s not right. Get it together and make it fun and fair for everyone. And the games that randomly disappear??? Same deal. Just be honest and say what’s going on!

Shady business

Live scoring is frequently down, read about the shadiness about DraftKings employees winning on Fanduel and vice versa, just stay away, it’s a casino and they’re the house.

Fix it

Why is it frozen when contest are started. It’s not tracking scores and giving points

Need to Update player status more often

I’ll be playing on FanDuel from here on out.


Great love it! You should add professional bass fishing the fantasy leagues are highly entertaining!

Good time!!

Draft Kings is a good time!!

I love this app

This app is better then fan duel ‼️‼️‼️‼️love the amount of free games and wide range of things to play ‼️‼️‼️‼️💪🏼

Improvement suggestion

One thing i would change is if a player u selected is ruled out then the next available player be taken automatically by the system.


Fun competition. Lots of sexual sand rewards



Change the app

The app restarts every time I back out to another app even if it’s for 30 seconds. I like to click back and see how my teams move up but when it restarts every time that’s hard to do.

Draft Kings #1

Draft Kings has a great platform for educated betting .The reports and stats available are spot on and good gauge for drafting players with good scoring %

App is junk

DK parades themselves as an entertainment platform for the "sweat" rather than a gambling site. But the app always crashes and their stat provider is total crap for NBA.

Umm it’s awesome ))

Ok so a friend told me about this app and all I have to say is ... I freakin love it and ... it’s super simple to use... really well made app... thank you draft kings for thinking about the user !! Xoxox


Better than Fancruel.

Strictly an app review

Most reviews here are about DraftKings the company/game/service, which is fine. The app itself, however, is subpar. Don’t even think about leaving the app to multitask. When you come back the app will start fresh. I’ve had issues in the middle of setting up a lineup! Set half the lineup, switch to another app, go back to DraftKings and you have to start over. Initially thought it was an iPhone 6 thing, but the same issue persists after I upgraded to an 8. Also if I’m in the lobby and drill down to sport/contest type/etc...if you then tap to another section like upcoming or recent, going back to the lobby makes you start the filtering process all over again. Tapping lobby again should put you right back where you left off. DraftKings, the iOS app, doesn’t come close to its biggest competitor. Making changes to the issues above would narrow the gap a bit.

Private League/Contests

I am frustrated that I cant change the number of entries in a contest after it has been created in my private league.

DK is the best, end of story.

Awesome app!! Highly recommend

Too easy.

Now with PayPal?? Love it! Waiting on DraftKings WWE.

UFC Baby!!!!!

I stay winning money on draftkings (won $75 today)because i bet on the best thing to watch in the world which is UFC

One word...



I most play this app in football season, how come you do not add the Olympics game for us to bet on. Not sure it becomes of the rules.

Draft kings

This app is always freezing. Makes me wonder sometimes if the it’s rigged.

We miss hellll yeahhhhh

We love the game every since we seen RocknRaven and his story and Draftkings is a positive game that turns dreams into a reality

Super Fun app.

The best online fantasy app or site I’ve been apart of. Very clean easy to use and understand.

Can’t use of location is not enabled

No option to use the app without location enabled

Draft'em King

Great app..best around

Fun and frustrating

You can win money but the top 1 % of users win more often, some contests won't allow you to change players when the contest locks and can cause you to lose big pretty much the worst draw back .

I love it

I will give Draft King a 2 Thumbs Up.....

I love it but needs a lil work

Pretty good but I wish I could win more or change it up little

Love it

The only chance I have of becoming a millionaire

Thank you guys

I really enjoy the site, was slow joining but try and play every night, keep up the good work

Everything is good, until it isn’t...

Beware... this is a fun app, it has increased my enjoyment of multiple sporting events, but understand what you are signing up for. If, as happened to thousands of us last night, a game gets cancelled, and you have players in that game, you’re SOL. Their “solution” was to provide free entry into a contest that would have cost $0.25 to join. So, I lost a good bit of actual money last night because a game was cancelled and they locked my players into a cancelled game. Even though it was a “late swap” contest, I couldn’t swap the players who weren’t able to play. So, they solve it by basically giving me a quarter.

Great Company backed by Great People

Very fun and exciting app that makes watching live sports that much better. Aside from the app being great, the customer service team is also stellar. Very nice and informative and willing to help in any way possible.


Hard to win , if you don’t wanna lose money consistently don’t Play this game , but if you know your sports , give it a try

Bring back lineup screen shots

Whatever update it was that took away the ability to screen shot your whole lineup please bring that back


Won $25,500 so far in the last year. Only $100 invested.

Awesome App

They need to add late swap on the higher payout NBA games




Umm if you have already read my recent review oops that’s all I’ll say


I’ve enjoyed the entertainment throughout the football season and will come back again next season. I’m not a rich man so I don’t play in the games, but there are plenty of budget friendly contexts. See you all next season (after the SuperBowl).


I used to be really into ufc! And I used this app to make things more interesting! It was super fun and as intuitive as could be! Now I can’t even log in! Customer support was very friendly and tried to help. But it’s not worth the hassle. Anyhow. It used to be great and work flawlessly. Not the developers must have just skipped town, cuz it stinks!

I love the features

I love the features of this app and how it notifies you & keeps you up to date

Have fun!

You can win lots of money! On the downside It’s a little crappy that I always lose a thousand +(usually quite a bit more) positions 20 min after the games have finished. It didn’t use to happen and I always lose positions. I never gain any so it seems a little weird. Almost like lineups are getting changed after the games end.

Awesome Game

It’s a easy way to win cash if you pick a good lineup you win some and you lose some!


Draft Kings is a Great Way to enjoy sports. They make things really easy, and simple to play. Love this APP.....


The best game out live action


My only complaint is the format with different time starts for games and late player scratches- nothing more frustrating than knowing your guy is sitting out and not being able to sub -


Awesome app

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